please write to the CID Secretariat for an appointment.


Larnaca, Cyprus    22/06/2021-27/06/2021

Nicosia, Cyprus     03/06/2021-11/06/2021

Nicosia, Cyprus     28/04/2021-06/05/2021

Paris, France          03/04/2021-12/04/2021

Nicosia, Cyprus     21/03/2021-28/03/2021

Nicosia, Cyprus     11/02/2021-24/02/2021



Nicosia, Cyprus     18/12/2020-04/01/2021

Nicosia, Cyprus     05/11/2020-03/12/2020

Nicosia, Cyprus     07/10/2020-12/10/2020

Nicosia, Cyprus     03/09/2020-10/09/2020

Nicosia, Cyprus     28/07/2020-03/08/2020

Nicosia, Cyprus     09/07/2020-14/07/2020

Nicosia, Cyprus    16/06/2020-21/06/2020

Nicosia, Cyprus     05/02/2020-10/02/2020

Nicosia, Cyprus     14/01/2020-19/01/2020     


Nicosia, Cyprus   13/12/2019-18/12/2019

Paris, France        29/11/2019-05/12/2019    CID 23rd General Assembly

Florence, Italy      10/11/2019-13/11/2019   Lecture on research at the University

Nicosia, Cyprus    01/10/2019-06/10/2029

Nicosia, Cyprus    04/10/2019-09/10/2019

Florence, Italy       07/09/2019-12/09/2019

Paris, France

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Doha, Qatar

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Batumi, Georgia
Conference by the Georgian Union of Choreograhers

Limassol, Cyprus

Larnaca, Cyprus

Paris, France

Rotterdam, Netherlands  07/01/2019-09/01/2019  Erasmus University


Paris, France  



Istanbul, Turkey
Meetings with CID members and others

Sofia, Bulgaria
Meetings with CID members and others

Beirut, Lebanon
Meetings with CID members and others

Algiers, Algeria
Invited by the Opera of Algiers

Taskent, Uzbekistan
Guest of the government at the Maquam Festival

Baku, Azerbaijan
Meetings with CID members and others

Bodrum, Turkey
Meetings with CID members

Belgrade, Serbia
Encyclopedia of Ballet, members from Kosovo

Teheran, Iran
Research on the history of dance in Persia

Paris, France

Oxford, U.K.

Firenze, Italy
DanzaInFiera event and meetings with CID Members

Paris, France
CID Headquarters at UNESCO


Paris, France   16/11/2017-21/11/2017   CID Headquarters at UNESCO

Lviv, Ukraine   24/08/2017-28/08/2017   CID International Congress

Paris, France   02/04/2017-06/04/2017   Meeting with UNESCO officials

Lviv, Ukraine   13/03/2017-19/03/2017  Projects with Lviv Section CID

Nantes, France   02/02/2017–07/02/2017 Visits to dance schools.

Paris, France   19/01/2017-24/01/2017 Meetings at UNESCO



Mumbai, India   05/12/2016-13/12/2016 CID World Congress

Avignon/Paris, France   08/11/2016-16/11/2016 CID World Congress & UNESCO

Naples, Italy   22/10/2016-26/10/2016   Awarding CID International Certification

Istanbul, Turkey   19/10/2016-20/10/2016 Meetings with CID members

Hong Kong, China   06/08/2016-16/08/2016   International Dance Festival

Istanbul, Turkey   08/07/2016-12/07/2016 Meetings with CID members.

Tbilisi, Georgia   19/06/2016–22/06/2016   International Certification awarding ceremony and festival by the National Philharmonic.

Gyumri/Yerevan, Armenia   26/04/2016–30/04/2016   Renaissance Competition & University of Yerevan Dance Department

Tenerife, Spain   29/03/2016-02/04/2016   Awarding CID International Certifications

Paris, France     11/03/2016-22/03/2016   Meeting of the Bureau of CID



Paris, France   16/12/2015-25/12/2015   General Assembly of the CID

Saint Petersburg, Russia   12/12/2015-15/12/2015   Round table on dance

Warsaw, Poland   19/11/2015-23/11/2015   Lectures at the University of Warsaw

Paris, France   10/10/2015-15/10/2015   Meeting with the CID Bureau

Miami, Florida, USA   12/09/2015-22/09/2015   42nd World Congress on Dance Research

Bordeaux and Paris, France   11/07/2015-21/07/2015   Meetings with CID members

Paris, France   12/06/2015-16/06/2015   Meeting with CID officers and members

Istanbul, Turkey   23/04/2015-28/04/2015   International Certification awarding ceremony

Saint Petersburg, Russia   14/04/2015-20/04/2015   39th World Dance Congress

Bodrum, Turkey   08/04/2015-11/04/2015   Inauguration of the Bodrum Section CID

Paris, France   13/03/2015-19/03/2015   Meeting with CID Members

Istanbul, Turkey   27/02/2015-03/03/2015   Meetings with CID members

Lisbon, Portugal   13/02/2015-17/02/2015   Gala performance, Certification, meeting with the Minister of Culture

Madrid, Spain   17/01/2015-22/01/2015   Presentation of book, meetings with Members



Istanbul, Turkey   29/12/2014-31/12/2014   Beyoglu Istanbul Section CID

Paris, France   12/12/2014-22/12/2014   Gen. Assembly of the UNESCO-NGO Liaison Committee

Istanbul, Turkey   04/12/2014-08/12/2014   Lecture; meeting CID Members in view of founding Section

Leiden, Holland   09/10/2014-13/10/2014   Meeting CID Members in view of founding CID Section

Tunis, Tunisia   26/09/2014-30/09/2014   Presentation of the new CID Tunis Section to the Minister of Culture

Belgrade, Serbia   10/09/2014-13/09/2014   Meeting with CID Belgrade Section members

Bucharest, Romania   15/03/2014-19/03/2014   Meetings with CID Members

Belgrade, Serbia   07/03/2014-11/03/2014   Meetings with the Minister of Culture and with CID Members

Istanbul, Turkey   21/02/2014-25/02/2014   Meetings with CID Members of the Beyoglu Section

Lisbon, Portugal   13/02/2014-17/02/2014   Meeting with CID members, visits to national dance schools

Istanbul, Turkey   21/01/2014-23/01/2014   Beyoglu Istanbul Section CID



Paris, France   20/12/2013-01/01/2014   CID headquarters

Paris, France   21/11/2013-26/11/2013   CID headquarters

Elista, Kalmykia, Russia   05/11/2013-08/11/2013   Festival in celebration of the 75 years of Boris Nadbitov

Saint Petersburg, Russia   29/10/2013-05/11/2013   Congress and General Assembly of the CID

Donetsk, Ukraine   07/10/2013-12/10/2013   20th Ballet Festival

Istanbul, Turkey   25/09/2013-29/09/2013   Visit to the Sariyer Section of the CID

Istanbul, Turkey   05/07/2013-08/07/2013   Visit to the Beyoglu Section of the CID

Moscow, Russia   16/06/2013-20/06/2013   12th International Ballet Competition & General Assembly of the Federation of Ballet Competitions

Yerevan, Armenia   28/04/2013-01/04/2013   Celebration of Dance Day & lecture in the Pedagogical University.

Larnaca, Cyprus   12/04/2013-16/04/2013   Chairman of the Symposium “Choreography and Folk Dance”

Kiev, Ukraine   12/03/2013-18/03/2013   Lectures at universities, meetings with dance professionals

Istanbul, Turkey   27/02/2013-03/03/2013   Visits to dance schools.

Nice, France   17/02/2013-19/02/2013   University of Nice: Workshop “Psychoanalysis and Choreography”

Paris, France  19/02/2013-23/02/2013 Meeting with the President of the Paris Section CID

Monte Carlo, Monaco   12/01/2013-16/01/2013   Preparation of Section of CID



Istanbul, Turkey   23/12/2012-26/12/2012   Beyoglu Section of the CID

Paris, France   11/12/2012-16/12/2012   General Assembly of the NGOs at UNESCO

Saint Petersburg, Russia   30/10/2012-05/11/2012   International Congress on Choreography and competition.

Warsaw, Poland   24/10/2012-27/10/2012   Presentation of the Polish edition of his book “The world of Greek dance”. Lecture at the University of Warsaw on “The history of dance in Cyprus”

San Marino   26/06/2012-02/07/2012   32nd World Congress on Dance Research

Paris, France   01/06/2012-07/06/2012   Meetings at CID Headquarters

Paris, France   17/05/2012-21/05/2012   Meeting with UNESCO officials

Istanbul, Turkey   27/02/2012-29/02/2012   Invited by the Beyoglu Section CID to prepare the World Congress

Paris, France 17/02/2012-22/02/2012   Meeting with members of the CID Executive Committee

Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia   31/01/2012-06/02/2012   7th Euro-Asian Competition of Choreographers and Ballet Masters



Paris, France   02/12/2011-07/12/2011   UNESCO Non-Governmental Organizations meeting

Istanbul, Turkey   23/11/2011-28/11/2011   Congress and General Assembly of the CID

Lodz, Poland   11/11/2011-14/11/2011   5th International Sergei Diaghilev Competition of Choreographic Art. Received the Amber Faun Diaghilev Prize.

Paris, France 12/06/2011-16/06/1011   Meeting of the CID Bureau

Paris, France   03/05/2011-06/05/2011   UNESCO, Meeting of the Executive Council Committee on NGOs

Moscow, Russia   28/04/2011-03/05/2011   10th World Dance Olympiad, Sokolniki Stadium

Skopje, FYR Macedonia 05/04/2011-07/04/2011   Dance Fest, modern dance festival

Aviano/Friuli, Italy & San Marino 15/03/2011-21/03/2011   General Assembly of Unione Folclorica Italiana & preparations for CID Congress in 2012

Paris, France   15/02/2011-21/02/2011   UNESCO



Paris, France   16/12/2010-23/12/2010   UNESCO

Cordoba, Spain   30/11/2010-07/12/2010   CID 27th World Congress on Dance Research

Seoul/Guangju, South Korea   22/11/2010-26/11/2010   Asian Dance Collaboration Meeting and Symposium

Istanbul, Turkey   27/10/2010-31/10/2010   Performance of the Dora Stratou Dance Company

Istanbul, Turkey   06/10/2010-10/10/2010   Meeting with Mayor of Sariyer and Consul of Greece

Shanghai, China   25/09/2010-30/09/2010   Shanghai International Dance Fair

Gjirokaster, Albania   29/08/2010-01/09/2010   Meeting with cultural agents

Kirklareli, Turkey   27/06/2010-29/06/2010

Istanbul, Turkey   25/06/2010-27/07/2010   Audience by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

Riga, Latvia   10/06/2010-17/06/2010   26th World Congress on Dance Research

Paris, France   05/06/2010-11/06/2010   Meetings with UNESCO officials

Paris, France   18/05/2010-23/05/2010   Meetings with UNESCO officials

Skopje, FYR Macedonia   13/04/2010-15/04/2010   Festival by the Skopje Section of CID-UNESCO

Istanbul, Turkey   06/04/2010-11/04/2010   25th World Congress on Dance Research

Moscow, Russia   09/02/2010-15/02/2010   World Congress on Dance Research

Riga, Latvia   03/02/2010-07/02/2010   UNESCO Latvian Committee. Rector of the Teacher Training Academy. Preparations for Congress.

Paris, France   01/01/2010-08/01/2010   Moving to new office in the UNESCO headquarters



Paris, France   29/11/2009-03/12/2009   UNESCO Conference

Paris, France   04/10/2009-11/10/2009   UNESCO General Conference and Partners Forum

Malaga, Spain 11/07/2009-21/07/2009   CID General Assembly and Congress at Teatro Cervantes

Skopje, FYR Macedonia   11/06/2009-12/06/2009   Inauguration of the Skopje Section of CID

Istanbul, Turkey   06/04/2010-12/04/2009   CID Congress on Dance Research

Madrid, Spain   23/02/2009-28/02/2009   Meetings at Ministry of Culture and Arts & Society of Authors Rights

Moscow, Russia 11/02/2009-15/02/2009   CID Congress on Dance Research

Paris, France   08/01/2009-15/01/2009   UNESCO

Malaga, Spain   11/07/2009-21/07/2009  


Lecce, Italy   27/11/2008-30/11/2008 Mediterranean Peace Forum

Paris, France   12/11/2008-18/11/2008

Mannheim, Germany  03/10/2008-05/10/2008 Dance Competition

Gannat, France 13/07/2008-18/07/2008 Folk Dance Festival

Granada, Spain 19/06/2008-22/06/2008   Presentation of CID

Istanbul, Turkey 29/04/2008-04/05/2008   CID World Congress at Kadir Has University

Perm, Russia   16/04/2008-21/04/2008 Ballet Competition and performance

Paris, France   03/04/2008-08/04/2008   Palais de Justice

Madrid, Spain   14/02/2008-19/02/2008 Association of Dance Professionals

Mexico City, Mexico   08/01/2008-19/01/2008   Palacio de Bellas Artes


Marseille, France   29/11/2007-??

Quito, Ecuador   12/11/2007-25/11/2007   World Forum on Tourism and Dance, Casa de la Cultura

Cuba, Havana

Buenos Aires, Argentina 05/10/2007-15/10/2007 World Dance Forum, Palacio del Congreso de la Nacion

Lecce, Italy   12/08/2007-14/08/2007   Conference

Paris, France   24/07/2007-27/07/2007

Miami, Florida, USA   20/06/2007-26/06/2007 Summit on Tourism in Haiti

Urgup, Cappadocia, Turkey 28/05/2007-01/06/2007 European Congress of Dance Research

Paris, France   26/04/2007-03/05/2007

Istanbul, Turkey   12/04/2007-15/04/2007   CID General Assembly and Conference, Istanbul Technical University

Paris, France   20/03/2007-26/03/2007

Paris/Lille, France   11/01/2007-21/01/2007  


Paris, France   19/12/2006-28/12/2006

Cairo, Egypt    07/12/2006-12/12/2006

Paris, France   15/11/2006-20/11/2006   Reopening of CID office

Paris, France   26/09/2006-02/10/2006

Paris, France   17/05/2006-25/05/2006

Paris, France   25/04/2006-02/05/2006  

Paris, France   08/03/2006-14/03/2006

Amman, Jordan   11/02/2006-16/02/2006   University of the Arts


Paris, France   28/12/2005-06/01/2006

Paris, France   09/12/2005-10/12/2005

Leuven, Belgium   08/12/2005-09/11/2005   Public defense of doctorate at the University

Paris, France   30/11/2005-08/12/2005    

Larnaca, Cyprus   08/11/2005-14/11/2005   19th World Congress on Dance Research

Larnaca, Cyprus   03/11/2005-04/11/2005   Press conference and interviews

Larnaca, Cyprus   14/10/2005-16/10/2005   Preparations for Congress

Paris, France   30/08/2005-04/09/2005

Paris, France   03/07/2005-11/07/2005

Paris, France   16/05/2005-23/05/2005

Belgrade, Serbia   09/04/2005-12/04/2005   2nd Dance Festival at Sava Center

Ohrid, FYR of Macedonia   31/03/2005-03/04/2005   Congress ”Dance in the world today 6: “Dialogue among civilizations”

Leuven, Belgium   12/03/2005-13/03/2005

Paris, France   07/03/2005-12/03/2005

Brussels, Belgium   04/03/2005-04/03/2005   Workshops by Hassan Khalil, Mahmoud Reda

Paris/Marseille/Lyon, France 21/01/2005-04/02/2005



Paris, France   17/12/2004-27/12/2004   CID Executive Council

Skopje, FYR Macedonia   06/12/2004-08/12/2004 Performance of the Dora Stratou Theater Company at Dramski Teater

Basel, Switzerland   02/12/2004-05/12/2004 Lecture

Marseille/Paris, France 11/11/2004-18/11/2004

Nicosia, Cyprus   24/06/2004-27/06/2004 CID Congress and meeting with Minister of Culture

Havana, Cuba   23/04/2004-03/05/2004         Guest of the Government

Paris, France   07/04/2004-14/04/2004

Skopje, FYR Macedonia   25/03/2004-28/03/2004 Congress and performance

Paris, France   12/03/2004-17/03/2004



Paris, France   17/12/2003-27/12/2003   UNESCO Meeting of NGOs

Valletta, Malta   05/12/2003-10/12/2003   Meeting with Minister of Culture

Paris, France   25?/11/2003-01/12/2003

Belgrade, Serbia   30/06/2003-07/07/2003   CID Congress

New Orleans, USA   02/06/2003-09/06/2003   CID General Assembly and Conference

Budapest, Hungary   17/05-2003-21/05/2003   Conference by the European Folklore Institute, Hungarian Heritage House

Paris, France   27/04/2003-06/05/2003   Dance Day at UNESCO

Warsaw, Poland   23/03/2003-27/03/2003 Meeting with Minister of Culture; lecture

Paris, France   15/02/2003-23/02/2003

Paris, France   01/01/2003-08/01/2003



Paris, France   08/11/2002-18/11/2002

Paris, France   20/09/2002-29/09/2002

Paris, France   29/04/2002-09/05/2002

Belgrade, Serbia   12/03/2002-17/03/2002   Performance of the Dora Stratou Dance Theater at Sava Center

Paris, France   24/02/2002-03/03/2002

Belgrade, Serbia   11/02/2002-14/02/2002   UNESCO Commission; lecture at the University

Paris, France   30?/01/2002-04?/04/2002

Paris, France   04/01/2002-14/01/2002   Meeting with Mr Barbosa, Deputy Secretary General of UNESCO



Paris, France   18?/11/2001-26/11/2001

Paris, France   21/09/2001-29/09/2001   Meeting of the CID Bureau

Paris, France   23/06/2001-02/07/2001   CID Congress

Paris, France   04/05/2001-15/05/2001

Lecce, Italy   25/03/2001-29/03/2001   Lecture at the University of Lecce

Paris, France   24/02/2001-05/03/2001




Paris, France   27/10/2000-06/10/2000   CID Executive Committee

Cracow, Poland   06/10/2000-09/10/2000   Lecture at the University, performance and workshop by the Dora Stratou Dance Theater

Paris, France   27/09/2000-02/10/2000

Valletta, Malta 07/08/2000-14/08/2000

Paris, France   05/05/2000-15/05/2000

Paris, France   23/03/2000-30/03/2000   Lecture at the University of Lille

Paris, France   24/02/2000-02/03/2000



Paris, France   21/11/1999–05/01/2000

Paris/Lyon, France   27/11/1999-07/11/1999   Exhibition at the Textile Museum

Paris, France   30/10/1999-08/11/1999 UNESCO Delegation of Greece Mr Vasilikos

Paris, France   23/09/1999-04/10/1999   CID Bureau meeting

Bucharest/Sibiu, Romania   10/08/1999-16/08/1999   IOV Conference

Rome, Italy   27/05/1999-30/05/1999   UNIMED conference

Paris, France   01/04/1999-11/04/1999   CID

Paris, France   10/02/1999-15/02/1999        



New York, USA   23/12/1998-02/01/1999

Paris/Lyon, France   03/12/1998-16/12/1998 Round table

Brussels, Belgium   30/11/1998-03/12/1998 Lecture

Cologne/Munich/Frankfurt, Germany   25/11/1998-28/11/1998 Dora Stratou Theater Company tour

Paris, France 21/11/1998-25/11/1998

Paris, France   05?/10/1998-12/10/1998

Istanbul, Turkey   21/08/1998-25/08/1998   ICTM Symposium of Ethnochoreology

Paris, France   21/05/1998-26/05/1998

Kishnev, Moldova   24/04/1998-27/04/1998 Lecture at the Choreographic Lyceum

Paris, France   30?/01/1998-09/02/1998



Paris, France   20?/12/1997-03/01/1998

St. Etienne/Enghien/Asnières/Paris, France   02/12/1997-07/12/1997   Dora Stratou Company performances

Geneva, Switzerland 01/12/1997-02/12/1997  Dora Stratou Company performance

Paris/Lyon/Annemasse, France 24/11/1997-07/12/1997 Dora Stratou Company performances

Bonn, Germany   21/11/1997-24/11/1997 Deutsche Bundesverband Tanz, Symposium Tanzpädagogie

Paris/Perpignan, France   30/10/1997-10/11/1997 Workshop on dance

Paris, France   26/09/1997-06/10/1997  

Paris, France   08/05/1997-13/05/1997

Rome, Italy   18/03/1997-21/03/1997   Accademia Nazionale di Danza lectures and classes

Paris, France   31/01/1997-07/02/1997



Paris, France   01?/01/1997-04/01/1997

London, U.K.   27/12/1996-01?/01/1997    

Paris, France   21/12/1996-27/12/1996

Paris, France   27/11/1996-02/12/1996

Rome/Cagliari, Italy 24/10/1996-28/10/1996 Conference on Folk Dance lecture

Paris, France   18?/10/1996-24/10/1996   University of Paris lecture on dance therapy

Paris, France   07?/05/1996-11/05/1996 Librairie Desmos, presentation of book

Paris, France 03/02/1996-12/02/1996



Rome, Italy   26/12/1995-02/01/1996

Paris, France   23/11/1995-03/12/1995

Paris, France   30/09/1995-10/10/1995

Paris, France   20/03/1995-30/05/1995

Budapest, Hungary   11/03/1995   13/03/1995   20/03/1995



Paris, France   21/11/1994-04/12/1994

Warsaw, Poland 22/10/1994-27/10/1994   University of Warsaw lecture

Paris, France   30/09/1994-10/10/1994   National Library visit

Port Said/Cairo, Egypt   16/08/1994-17/08/1994

Ashdod, Israel   15/08/1994-16/08/1994

Paris, France   24/06/1994-28/06/1994

Paris, France   10/05/1994-17/05/1994

Paris, France   24/03/1994-31/03/1994   House of Greece lecture  

Paris, France   11/03/1994-15/03/1994

Paris/Brest, France   22/01/1994-31/01/1994 University of Brest doctoral defense



Paris, France   30/12/1993-03/01/1994

Amsterdam, Netherlands   25?/12/1993-30/12/1993

Paris, France   27/10/1993-04/11/1993

Paris, France   21/09/1993-27/09/1993

Paris, France   01/03/1993-08/03/1993

Paris, France   20/03/1993-29/03/1993

Paris, France   30.01/1993-08/02/1993



Paris, France   17/12/1993-01/12/1992

Paris, France   20/11/1992-

Paris, France   01/10/1992-06/10/1992 Meeting with UNESCO Director

Pyongyang, North Korea   25/06/1992-01/10/1992 CID General Assembly and Symposium

Paris, France   22/06/1992-24/06/1992

Budapest/Sitko, Hungary   15/06/1992-21/06/1992

Paris, France   13/06/1992-21/06/1992

Paris, France   01/02/1992-11/02/1992



Paris, France   20/11/1991-03/12/1991

Paris, France   12/10/1991-19/10/1991

Anvers, Belgium   11/10/1991-12/10/1991   VVKB Conference on Ethnochoreology  

Paris, France   08/10/1991-11/10/1991

Paris, France   05/07/1991-16/07/1991

Paris, France   04/05/1991-11/05/1991   CID meeting

Paris, France   15/02/1991-03/03/1991



Fort-de-France, Martinique, France   23/12/1990-07/01/1991

Paris, France   19/12/1990-23/12/1990

Paris, France   25/11/1990-06/12/1990

Vienna, Austria   27/10/1990-01/11/1990 IOV General Assembly

Paris, France   25/09/1990-09/10/1990

Istanbul, Turkey   02/08/1990-07/08/1990

Paris/Dijon, France   20/04/1990-06/05/1990

Los Angeles/San Francisco/Seattle, USA   08/02/1990-20/02/1990 Folk Dance Festival



Paris, France   31/12/1999-21/01/1990   University of Paris IX Dauphine classes

Paris, France   28/11/1999-04/12/1999

Paris, France   28/10/1999-05/11/1989

Prague/Povazska Bystrica, Chechoslovakia 19/10/1989-22/10/1999 CIOFF General Assembly and lecture at Scientific Congress

Paris, France   16/09/1999-30/09/1999   Dance Research Congress at Sorbonne University

Paris, France   20/06/1999-27/06/1999

Paris, France   25/04/1999-11?/05/1999   University of Paris IX Dauphine classes

Brussels, Belgium   25/04/1999-25/04/1999   European Economic Community meeting

Luxembourg     23/04/1999-25/04/1999   European Economic Community Staff Club lecture

Paris, France   16/04/1999-23/04/1999   University of Paris IX Dauphine class

Paris, France   21.03/1999-01/04/1999 University of Paris IX Dauphine class

Paris, France   02/03/1999-14/03/1999



Paris, France   23/12/1988-02/01/1989 CID meeting

London. U.K.   18/12/1988-23/12/1988   Dance Books bookstore

Paris, France 02/12/1988-18/12/1988 CID meeting

Paris, France   23/09/1988-23/10/1988 Dance Research Congress, Dance-University Association

Paris, France   23/06/1988-29/06/1988   CID meeting

Essen/Köln, Germany   10/06/1988-14/06/1988  Dance History Conference and German Dance Archive

Paris, France   02/05/1988-08/05/1988

Paris, France   12/04/1988-17/04/1988

Paris, France   19/02/1988-24/02/1988



Paris, France   12/12/1987-03/01/1988   CID visit

Paris, France   25/10/1987-02/11/1987

Paris, France   23/09/1987-03/10/1987 University Dance Institute Association General Assembly

Paris, France   02/06/1987-10/06/1987   CID visit



Paris, France   31/12/1986-11/01/1986   CID visit

Paris, France   27/11/1986-07/12/1986   CID visit

Paris, France   13/09/1986-05/10/1986   Dance Research Congress at Sorbonne University

Algiers, Algeria   18/09/1986-18/09/1986

Paris, France   13/09/1986-18/09/1986

Tunis/Monastir, Tunisia   31/07/1986-07/08/1986

Warsaw/Kasimierz, Poland   25/06/1986-01/07/1986   IOV workshop

Paris, France   09/05/1986-18/05/1986

Paris, France   16/02/1986-23/02/1986



Paris, France   29/11/1985-02/12/1985

Munich, Germany   25/10/1985-28/10/1985   Performance at Olympia Halle

Vienna/Mödling/Krems, Austria   26/09/1985-30/09/1985 Visit to Hofburg, Bundeskanzker Dr Rudolf Kirchläger

Paris, France   24/05/1985-27/05/1985



Paris, France   22/12/1984-02/01/1985    

Paris, France   30/11/1984-09/12/1984

Paris, France   12/10/1984-15/10/1984

Cagliari, Italy 27/09/1984-01/10/1981   IOV Meeting

Sofia, Bulgaria   15/07/1984-18/07/1984

Lisbon, Portugal   26/06/1984-28/06/1984 CEEP Conference, Mr Mario Soares

Paris, France   27/04/1984-01/05/1984



Paris, France   19/12/1983-09/01/1984

Paris, France   12/11/1983-21/11/1983

Paris, France   21/10/1983-31/10/1983

Paris, France   06/09/1983-18/09/1983

Paris, France   01/05/1983-15/05/1983

Boras, Sweden   11/03/1983-14/03/1983



Paris, France   18/12/1982-17/01/1982

Nis, Yugoslavia  13/11/1982-17/11/1982   Competition of folk dance ensembles

Boras, Sweden   24/10/1982-01/11/1982

Paris, France   30/09/1982-06/10/1982



Paris, France   20/12/1981-17/01/1982

Vienna, Austria 27/10/1981-01/11/1981   Visit to IOV Headquarters, Mr. Alexander Veigl,

Copenhagen, Denmark   13/04/1981

Paris, France   10/01/1980



Paris, France 30/12/1980-

Paris, France   20/09/1980-29/09/1980


Paris/Strasbourg, France   01/04/1980-14/04/1980 Fondation Européenne de la Science



Paris, France   15/12/1979-07/01/1980

Budapest, Hungary   15/10/1979-22/10/1979

Paris, France   22/09/1979-15/10/1979

Paris, France   26/05/1979-21/06/1979

Rome, Italy  31/03/1979-01/04/1979

Paris, France   20/01/1979-20/02/1979



Nicosia, Cyprus   22/12/1978-01/01/1979

Brindisi, Italy 23/11/1978-24/11/1978

Paris, France   01/11/1978-21/11/1978

London, U.K.   12/01/1978-18/01/1978

Dublin, Ireland   08/01/1978-12/01/1978



Paris, France   12/11/1977-26/11/1977

Copenhagen, Denmark   28/10/1977-01/11/1977

Rome, Italy   07/10/1977-17/10/1977

Paris, France   16/07/1977-03/09/1977

Sofia, Bulgaria   15/07/1977-16/07/19077

Cologne, Germany   18/02/1977-21/02/1977










Lisbon, Portugal 06/03/1975-15/03/1975






Paris, France   15/08/1974-20/06/1975

Paris, France 07?/04/1974-09/07/1974

Italy   06/04/1974



Paris, France   13/09/1973-24/03/1974

Istanbul, Turkey   20/07/1973-27/07/1973

Lagos Nigeria

Paris, France   07/05/1973-??

London, U.K. 28/04/1973-07/05/1973

Lagos, Nigeria   17/03?/1973



Cotonou, Dahomey   16/09/1972-17/09/1972

Lagos, Nigeria   13/05/1972-

London, U.K.   10/05/1972-12/05/1972

Lagos, Nigeria   07/03/1972-19/04/1972

London, U.K.   28/02/1972

Paris, France   26/02/1972



Lagos, Nigeria   10/10/1971-

Cotonou, Dahomey   03/10/1971-10/10/1971

London, U.K.   29/08/1971

London, U.K.        31/07/1971-10/08/1971

Lagos, Nigeria       29/06/1971

Lagos, Nigeria   25/01/1971-

Douala, Cameroon   19?/01/1971-25/01/1971



Douala, Cameroon   05/1970

Lagos, Nigeria   08/03/1970-



Kamp-Bornhofen/Munich, Germany   27/08/1965-01/09/1965

Hallstavik, Sweden   10/07/1965-27/08/1965   Trainee at Holmens Bruks och Fabriks AB



Uppsala/Finspang, Sweden 28/07/1964-05/09/1964 Trainee at Stal-Laval Turbin AB

Warsaw/Szczytno, Poland   07/07/1964-28/07/1964



Cologne/Aachen, Germany   25/08/1963-26/08/1963

Brussels, Belgium   18/08/1963-20/08/1963

Paris, France   16/08/1963-18/08/1963

Königswinter/Bonn/Zell am Mosel, Germany   01/08/1962-04/08/1963

Hague/Scheveningen, Netherlands   27/07/1963-29/07/1963  

Duisburg, Germany   09/07/1963-02/09/1963   Trainee at August Thyssen Hütte AG



Wels, Austria   04/07/1962-29/08/1962   Trainee at Wels Baustofferzäugung GmbH



Innsbruck/Graz, Austria   02/08/1961-13/08/1961

Mittenwald/Garmisch, Germany   18/07/1961-02/08/1961

Munich/Schondorf, Germany  05/07/1961-18/07/1961