Researcher University of PatrasSchool of Engineering, Laboratory of Management.

Participation in study and teaching projects.


Teaching appointment University of PatrasSchool of Engineering, Laboratory of Management.

Teaching the courses: “Sociology I and II”, “Political Economy Systems”,

“Introduction to Sociology”, “Introduction to Management Science I and II”.


Lecturer. School of Higher Technical and Professional Training (KATEE), Athens.

Teaching the courses: “Business Organization and Management” and “Personnel Management”.


Lecturer. School of Instructors for Vocational and Technical Training (SELETE), 

Athens. Section for non-Greek speaking students.

Teaching in english the course: “Technology and society”


Lecturer. Greek Productivity Center (ELKEPA), Athens

Teaching the workshops on “Introduction to Production Management”,

“Organization of Production”, “Sociology of  Work”, Human Relations in

Production”, “Business Management”, “Democratic Management”


Associate Professor. University of PatrasSchool of EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Laboratory of Management.

Teaching the courses: “Principles of Management”, “Plant Management”,

“Production Methods”, “Production Planning”, “Sociology of Work”, “Industrial

Management I and II”, “Industrial Sociology I and II”.


Invited Lecturer. Universities of AthensThessaloniki and ThraceDepartments of Physical Education and Sports. Sections of Greek Dance.

Series of lectures on the methodology of research in dance


Visiting Professor.  University of Paris IX Dauphine, Department of Post-graduate Management Studies and Research.

Teaching the post-graduate courses on: “Informal management structures.

International comparison”, “Ethnographic study of corporate culture”, “Management consulting”


Visiting Professor. University of Paris IV Sorbonne, Department of Dance.

Teaching a course on “Methodology of sociological and ethnological research on dance”. Lectures on Greek dance.


Teaching appointment. Univerity of Patras. Section of Pre-school Education

Course subject: “Didactics of rhythm and movement”.



2nd International Congress on Dance Research, Paris 29/09-02/10/1986, University of Paris IV Sorbonne, France



Symposium on Dance, Athens 25/04/1988, Municipality of Athens Cultural Center, Greece

International Congress “Beyond Performance: Dance Scholarship Today”, Essen 10-15/06/1988, Federal Republic of Germany Center of the ITI, Germany

3rd International Congress on Dance Research, Paris, 26-30/09/1988, University of Paris IV Sorbonne, France – Chairperson of the Ethnology section and speaker



4th International Congress on Dance Research, Paris 25-29/09/1989, University of Paris IV Sorbonne, France – Chairperson of the Ethnology section and speaker



“Traditional culture and Greek dances”, 12/01/1990Présence de l’Hellénisme Moderne, Faculty des Literature, Univeristy of Saint-Etienne, France

14th Greek Orthodox Youth Folk Dance Festival, Seattle 15-18/02/1990, Washington, USA

“Contemporary approaches to folk dance”, 14/11/1990, Municipality of Kiato, Kiato, Greece



Workshop for managers of cultural organizations. IonicCenter, Athens

“40 jaar VVKB”, International Colloquium “Etnochoreologie”. Flemish Folklore Federation,12/10/1991, Elzenveld, AntwerpenBelgium



“Further training of dance teachers”, 3-5/11/1992, Regional Council for Further Training of the Evros Prefecture, Soufli, Greece



International Conference “The role of cultural heritage in contemporary production”, 12-15/11/1993, Municipality of Thebes and Caleidoscope Program of the European Union, Thebes, Greece



“Ethnoarchaeology of ancient Greek dance”. School of Archaeology, University of Warsaw, Poland

“Ancient Greek dance”, 06/04/1994, National Technical University, Athens

“Methodology of research in traditional dance”. 12/1994. Municipality of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece



“Popular dances and health”, 21-24/10/1995, University of Paris V, France



“The teaching of folk dance in education”. Departments of Education, University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece

“Traditional society in Greece”. Section of Pre-School Education, University of Patras, Greece

“Permanence of cultural identity in Greek dances”. School of Medicine, University of Paris-V, France

“History and sociology of Greek dance”. International conference “Mare di danza” 24-30/10/1996, Carovana Cultural Society, Cagliary, SardiniaItaly

“Permanence and cultural identity in Greek dances”. Workshop “Popular dances and health”, 21-24/10/1996. Department of Sciences of Education, University René Descartes, Paris



“Ancient Greek dance” and “Traditional Greek dance”. Academia Nazionale di Danza, Rome

“Tanzerziehung zwischen Berufsausbildung und Selbstfindung”. Symposium Tanzpädagogik, German Federal Dance Union, Bonn

“Permanence and cultural identity in Greek dances”. Workshop “Popular dances and health”, 01-04/04/1997. Department of Sciences of Education, University René Descartes, Paris



“History of Greek dance”. Free Univerisity of BrusselsBelgium

“Ancient Greek dance” and “Traditonal Greek dance”. Tradidance Cultural Association, Brussels, Belgium

“Work and profession. Aspects of theoretical and applied ethics”,29-30/05/1998, University of Athens & Aristotelean Studies Society, Athens

“The present situation regarding Greek dance”, 07/06/1998, Cultural Association of Philippoupoli, Larissa, Greece

“Permanence of cultural identity in Greek dances”. Workshop “Dances and Health”, 04-05/12/1998. School of Medicine, University of Paris-V, France

“Danse(s)”, 15/12/1998, Espace Albert Camus, Bron, France



“Le patrimoine immatériel euro-méditerranéen”, UNIMED Symposium, 28-29/05/1999, Università degli Studi Roma Tre & Università del Mediterraneo, Rome, Italy

“The meaning and the changes of folk culture for the European integration”, 8th European Conference of the IOV, 10-16/08/1999, Bucharest & Deva, Romania



“Introduction to the history of Greek dance”. Festival “Mysteries and Initiations”, Cracow, Poland

“Present and future of Greek dance”, 27/05/2000, Women’s Association of Saint Stephan, Attica, Greece



Conference “Traditional dances of Greece and Grecia Salentina”, 26-28/03/2001University of Lecce, Italy

Congress of CID “Dance in the world today 1”, 28-29/06/2001, Palais de l’UNESCO, Paris, France – Chairperson



“The history of Greek dance”. Department of Ethnomusicology, University of the Arts, BelgradeYugoslavia



“The course of Greek history as seen through dance”. Centre for Studies on the Classical Tradition, University of WarsawPoland

Conference “The role of heritage in 21st-century society”, 19-21/05/2003, Hungarian Heritage House, Budapest

Conference “Dancing through History – The roots of dance in Louisiana 1750-1830”, The New Orleans International Ballet Conference, 4-8/06/2003, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA – Member of the Honorary Committee and speaker

Regional Congress of CID “Dance in the world today 2”, 3-6/07/2003. Dance Council of Serbia and Montenegro, Belgrade – Chairperson



“Greek dance in the course of the centuries”. Skulpturhalle, Basel, Switzerland

Regional Congress of CID “Dance in the world today 3”, 25-28/03/2004. Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Skopje, FYR of Macedonia – Chairperson

Regional Congress of CID “Dance in the Eastern Mediterranean today“, 24-27/06/2004, Cultural Association of Nicosia, Cyprus – Chairperson



Regional Congress of CID “Dance in the world today 7: Dialogue among civilizations“, 31/02/2005-03/03/2005, Ohrid, FYR of Macedonia – Chairperson



International Conference on Studies of the Traditional Dances of Mediterranean Europe, 13-14/08/2007. Corigliano dei Greci, Lecce, Italy – Chairperson and lecturer

2o Forum Mundial de Danza, 8-12/10/2007, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Foro Mundial de la Danza, 13-17/11/2007. Quito, Ecuador

“A global vew of dance in the world”. Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar, Quito, Ecuador



–  Symposium International “Les traditions, de la vie à la scène”, 35th Festival “Les Cultures du Monde”, 22/07/2008, Gannat, France – Chairperson

–  Mediterranean Peace Forum, 27-29/11/2008, Acaya & Lecce, Italy



Harokopeion University, Pireaus, Greece

“Culture as a sector of the economy”.



–  University of Warsaw and Embassy of Cyprus, Warsaw, Poland, 26/10/2012

“History of the dance in Cyprus”



–  National University of Culture and Arts, Kiev, Ukraine

–  University of Boris Grinchenko (Institute of Arts), Kiev, Ukraine

–  Institute for Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

–  Pedagogical University Dance Department, Yerevan, Armenia, 30/04/2013

–  University of Donetsk, Ukraine 10/10/2013

–  Institute of Ethnology, Academy of Sciences, Elista, Kalmykia, Russia, 06/11/2013