Posts Held

1962      Trainee (Werkstudent)

              Metallbauwerke Wels GmbH., WelsAustria.

              Production of building materials and agricultural equipment.

              Manual worker in the fabrication of isolating slabs for industrial buildings


1963      Trainee (Praktikant)

              August Thyssen Hütte AG., DuisburgGermany.

              Steel mills and metal works.

              Training and auxiliary work in the blast furnace section and the research section

              (study of temperatures of steel sheet rolling).


1964      Trainee

              Stal-Laval Turbin AB., FinspongSweden.

              Production of steam and gas turbines.

              Training and auxiliary work in various parts of the plant (turbine assembly, running

               tests, production planning, machine tool workshop etc.).


1965      Trainee

               Holmens Bruks och Fabriks AB., HallstavikSweden

               Paper mills.

               Training and manual work in various sections (wood preparation, milling, paper

               production,  workshop).


1966       Production Engineer

               Tsaoussoglou Bros. Co., PireausGreece.

               Metal furniture production.

               In charge of the installation of new machinery  (sand-cleaning, plastic coating bath,

               new plant for steel pipes production in Chalkida).


1968-70­   Industrial Engineer

                Pfizer Hellas AE., Athens (subsidiary of Pfizer International Corp.).

                Production and marketing of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, cosmetics etc.

                Project management for a new pharmaceuticals plant in Avlona, Attica.

                Budget: $ 1.5 million. Design of machine layout, air-conditioning systems, piping,

                separate feed additives packaging plant etc.


1970-71­   Chief Engineer

                Flour Mills of Nigeria Ltd., LagosNigeria.

                Subsidiary of an american multinational corporation.

                Flour mills, pasta production, shipping, grain handling.

                Management of maintenance, repairs and new construction of the mill complex

                (one of the biggest in the world, capacity 1400 tons/day, personnel 1300). Head of

                the technical department staff  including 200 workers, technicians and engineers.

                Design and supervision, among others, of the following projects:

                – Construction of a 250 tons/day flour mill.

                – Erection of 15 no. 1000-ton silos.

                – Water drill, pumping station and filter compound.

                – Electrical substation 33 kV.

                – Pasta production and packing plant.

                – Bran pelletizing plant.

                – Program for the selection and on-the-job training of local personnel as technicians

                  and operators.


1971-73­    Project Manager, subsequently Plant Manager

                 Nigerian Bag Manufacturing Co. Ltd., LagosNigeria

                 Subsidiary of the above multinational corporation.

                 Production of synthetic materials sacks and bags.

                 Management of construction and start-up operations for a woven polypropylene

                 sack plant, capacity 10 million sacks a year, peronnel 400, budget $ 10 million.

                 Main duties included the carrying out or supervision of:

                 – Plant study, selection of equipment and contractors.

                 – Design of systems: machinery, electrical, lighting, piping, plant services,

                 production scheduling, safety.

                 – Planning, supervision, budgeting of operations: building construction, equipment

                   installation, stocks, start-up to normal production.

                 – Selection and training of expatriate and local personnel.


1984-86   Vice-Governor

                National Bank for Industrial Development (ETBA) AE.

                State bank for investments, participations and loans to industry, tourism and


                Holding of 87 firms. Assets in 1986: $1900 million. Personnel: 700 employees.

                Overseeing the following divisions: Studies, Organization and Data Processing,

                Industrial Parks, Fixed Assets and General Services, Technical Auditing.

                Replacing the Governor when absent.


1984-86   Chairman of the Board

                Industrial Parks (BIPETBA) AE.

                Design, construction and operation of all the industrial parks in Greece. 40 parks,

                100 employees, $10 million expenditure in 1986.


1984-86   Member of the Board

               Greek Arms Industry (EBO) AE.

               State-owned company for the production of defense systems and ammunition.

               1500 employees in 4 factories. Assets $73 million in 1986.


1984-88   Vice-President of the Board of Trustees

                Foundation for Technology and Culture of ETBA

                Reseach and promotion of the industrial, artisanal and shipbuilding history;

                industrial archaeology. Assets $ 580,000, budget $ 300,000 in 1987.